Overview – A management consulting firm owned by Larry W. George and operating in affiliation with the Law Office of Larry W. George PLLC. Provides Providing leadership, management and consulting services for business organizations which own land, minerals, fossil and renewable energy assets and carbon credits.

Management of Natural Resource Assets – Revenue enhancement and asset protection. Strategic business planning. Entity and governance options and related legal compliance and fiduciary duties. Leadership roles include:

  • Chief executive officer.
  • Presiding manager of limited liability companies.
  • Corporate director.
  • Managing partner.

Consulting for Bankruptcy and Receivership – Reorganization and liquidation of entities holding natural resource properties and coal, oil & gas and other energy production facilities. Both voluntary and involuntary cases in U.S. Bankruptcy Court and state court receiverships.

Consulting for Asset Acquisitions, Dispositions and Financing – Identifying and assisting with buyers, sellers and financing the transactions. Management of due diligence activities and regulatory compliance.


  • WV Chamber of Commerce
  • WV Coal Mining Institute
  • Metallurgical Coal Producers Association
  • Gas & Oil Association of West Virginia